We held our Phase One consultation on early proposals for the relocation project from 8 July to 14 September. Thousands of local residents engaged with the consultation, and we would like to say a big thank you to all those who provided their feedback. Your comments matter to us.

We have now published a summary report which shares the wide range of feedback received and explains how we’re using it to inform our site selection and design processes for the relocation project. We are taking the time to carefully consider all responses before we conclude our site selection process in late January 2021.

Once the site selection process has concluded in January, the preferred site will be announced and will be taken forward into the second phase of consultation which will begin in the summer/autumn of next year.

The Phase One consultation summary report is now available to view and download in the document library (here). Hard copies have been sent via post to all homes and businesses within our core consultation zone. We will also report all feedback received during this consultation, and the further phases to follow, in full in our final Consultation Report. This will be published with our application for a Development Consent Order (DCO), planned for 2022/23.

Our community engagement lines remain open should you have any questions:

Email us: info@cwwtpr.com

Call us: 0808 196 1661